• Your Source for D.O.T. Physicals in Nashville IL and Pinckneyville IL

    As you may know, commercial drivers face stringent requirements before obtaining their commercial driver’s license. Companies that rely on commercial vehicles for inter and intrastate commerce must be able to ensure the physical and mental acuity of their drivers for liability purposes if something were to go wrong on the road. D.O.T. physicals are required of all drivers that seek to obtain a commercial license for inter or intrastate commerce and transportation. That being said, Access Healthcare & Wellness provides physical for potential commercial drivers throughout Washington and Perry Counties. 

    Facts about D.O.T. Physicals:

    • These are required for commercial drivers whose vehicles exceed a gross weight of 10, 000 lb.
    • This medical certificate is valid for up to 2 years, after which, drivers must have their health reevaluated.
    • Drivers who show symptoms of some health problems may be eligible for an exemption. Ask your physician for complete details.
    • All D.O.T. physicals must be performed by a certified medical examiner through the FMCSA.
    • Failure to disclose medical problems will result in an invalidated license

    D.O.T. Physicals include:

    • Complete Medical History
    • Vision Test
    • Hearing Test
    • Cardiovascular Analysis
    • Urinalysis
    • Nervous System Evaluation
    • Other Tests As Deemed Necessary by an FMCSA-Approved Physician.